The Monarchs
in Michoacán

Feb 24-Mar 4, 2018
Nine Incredible Days
(This tour is sold out. Information for 2018-2019 coming soon!)

Each fall, millions, probably billions, of Monarch butterflies travel nearly 2,500 miles to the Western Central Highlands of México. In order to protect the butterflies, this region, covering more than 200 square miles, was named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The lengthy journey of the butterfly is unique and takes about five months. It starts in November. The best time to visit the sanctuaries is during late February and early March, because during these days, the clusters break apart and the butterflies begin their mating rituals.

Highlights of this trip:

    • Enjoying the orange-colored butterflies at the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, where we will visit three different sanctuaries
    • Experiencing the colonial city of Morelia, visiting its museums, galleries and its remarkable colonial center
    • Visiting five pueblos mágicos – Pátzcuaro, Angangueo, Cuitzeo, Santa Clara del Cobre, and Tzintzuntzan
    • Seeing the colors of the Purépecha culture through its architecture, textiles and flavors
    • Admiring the beauty of Lake Pátzcuaro and the life that surrounds it
    • Visiting the folk artists at Santa Clara del Cobre
    • Being amazed at the magnificence of the Paricutin Volcano and the village that was partially covered by its wash



CodexFEB 24
On the way to Angangueo
Angangueo, Michoacán FEB 25
Sanctuary of El Rosario
Los AzufresFEB 26
Los Azufres
MoreliaFEB 27
TzintzuntanFEB 28
Lake Pátzcuaro
Morelia MuseumMAR 1
Cultural Centers
Museums & Galleries
Santa Clara del CobreMAR 2
Santa Clara del Cobre
ParanguricutirMAR 3
Paricutin Vulcano
CodexMAR 4
Return to México City Airport



Cost per person (double occupancy*):$1,150
To reserve your spot:$575
Balance (due by Dec 10, 2017):$575
*If you'd like a private room, add:$250

The tour includes:

    • Transportation: México City Airport-Michoacán-Puebla-México City Airport
    • Daily tours
    • Accommodations
    • A guide specialized in archaeology, ethnography and anthropology
    • Daily continental breakfast at the hotel
    • Entrance fees to all the attractions detailed in the tour description

It does not include:

    • Airfare to México City
    • Tips
    • Telephone calls, laundry, etc.

    This trip was designed for only sixteen travelers.

    Our transportation services in México City will start on February 24 at 1:45 p.m. Ask for the meeting point at the airport. On March 4, we will be at the airport by 4:00 p.m.

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