Querétaro &
San Luis Potosí

Sept 28-Oct 6, 2017
Nine Mystical Days

How paltry is the more aesthetic experience compared to the sensation of watching the ritual after one has also understood the intellectual forces that explain the origins of all this. – Konrad Theodor Preuss, anthropologist

The purpose of this adventure is to enjoy the magic of the sacred México and the deep beauty of the indigenous people in our ancestral culture, as well as the deep spiritual beauty within yourself. During the first days of October at Real de Catorce, the Huicholes honor their most important festivity, which includes peyote consumption. We invite you to participate in this powerful adventure.

Highlights of this trip:

    • Tequisquiapan, with an architecture that is a beautiful and unusual blend of colonial and indigenous styles. Only two hours drive from México City, it has become popular as a weekend getaway. It has a perfect year-round climate, beautiful churches and narrow cobblestone streets. Shopping opportunities include Mexican opals and jewelry, cane, wicker, and rattan, and many other handcrafts and folk art.
    • Villa de San Bernal, home of Bernal’s Peak,  the largest monolith in México. At the foot of the monolith is Villa de San Bernal, a beautiful, peaceful Pueblo Magico featuring wool products, dolls, and much more.
    • Xilitla, with gorgeous rainforested scenery in every direction,  is home to Nahuatl and Teenek indigenous people, who still practice many of their traditional ways. It is also where the Englishman Edward James created his amazing sculpture garden, Las Pozas, more than 80 acres of waterfalls and pools combined with large surrealist sculptures.
    • San Luis Potosí, steeped in history,  became a commercial center in the late 16th century due to its  large silver and gold deposits. It played an important part in the Mexican Revolution as well. It is one of México’s most picturesque cities, with beautiful colonial architecture, parks, and an active cultural scene.
    • Real de Catorce, once a thriving silver mining town in the high desert, is now a “ghost town” with a population of around 1,000. It continues to be a pilgrimage site for the Huicholes and is thought to be a place of power with a spiritual energy.



    TequisquiapanSEPT 28
    To Tequisquiapan
    Villa de San BernalSEPT 29
    Villa de San Bernal
    XilitlaSEPT 30 & OCT 1
    San CristobalOCT 2
    San Luis Potosí
    ZinacantámOCT 3, 4 & 5
    Real de Catorce
    CodexOCT 6
    Return to México City



    Cost per person (double occupancy*):$1,150
    To reserve your spot:$575
    Balance (due by Aug 1, 2017):$575
    *If you'd like a private room, add:$250

    The tour includes:

      • Transportation, beginning at the México City International Airport on 28th September at 2:00 p.m.
      • Daily tours
      • Accommodations
      • A guide specialized in archaeology, ethnography and anthropology
      • Daily continental breakfast at the hotel
      • Entrance fees to all the attractions detailed in the tour

    It does not include:

      • Meals other than breakfasts
      • Tips
      • Telephone calls, laundry, etc.

    This trip was designed for only sixteen travelers.

    Our transportation services in México City will start on Sept 28 at 2:00 p.m. Meeting point: Terminal 1 bus terminal in front of Pullman’s offices). We will take our van to the Terminal 1 bus terminal, located near the car ramp that leads to the international area. There you can find a variety of services: VIP lounges, Internet, and waiting, reading and meeting rooms. We will meet in front of Pullman’s front desk. There is a waiting area with a group of chairs.

    On October 6, we will be at the airport by 4:00 p.m.

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