The Monarchs in Michoacán

Jan 26 – Feb 3, 2021
Nine Days and Eight Nights


Trip begins at: México City International Airport on Jan 26, 2021 at 1:45 p.m.
Trip ends at: México City International Airport on Feb 3, 2021 at 1:30 p.m.
No. of days: Nine days and eight nights
Areas of interest: Art, folk art, natural wonders, history,  anthropology, gastronomy


    • Enjoying the orange-colored butterflies at the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, where we will visit three different sanctuaries
    • Experiencing the colonial city of Morelia, visiting its museums, galleries and its remarkable colonial center
    • Visiting four Pueblos Mágicos – Pátzcuaro, Cuitzeo, Santa Clara del Cobre, and Tzintzuntzan
    • Seeing the colors of the Purépecha culture through its architecture, textiles and flavors
    • Admiring the beauty of Lake Pátzcuaro and the life that surrounds it
    • Visiting the folk artists at Santa Clara del Cobre
    • Being amazed at the magnificence of the Paricutin Volcano and the village that was partially covered by its wash




We will pick you up from the International Airport at 1:45pm and then we will drive three hours to go to Tlalpujahua, in a natural area. Here, you will find the perfect atmosphere to prepare to visit the Monarch butterflies.


Today we will visit the Sanctuary of Senguio, one of the most impressive places to admire the Monarch butterflies. We will have a walk of 2 km. in order to get to the top of the mountain. Then we will spend some time in Tlalpujahua.


After breakfast we will visit another important sanctuary, El Rosario. Then we will go to another beautiful village, Tlalpujahua. Our final destination will be the city of Morelia.


Today we will have the opportunity to visit different historic buildings that include the fine architecture and interesting cultural areas in Morelia, such as the Cathedral, the Government Palace, the Sanctuary of Guadalupe and the Clavijero Palace. After lunch we will visit Cuitzeo.


After breakfast we will go to the area of Patzcuaro. Also, we will visit the yácatas of Tzintzuntzan and we will be immersed in the beauty of the landscape of this area of Morelia.


We will continue searching for the most emblematic places in Morelia, including the Church of Santa Rosa de Lima, the Morelia Aqueduct and the Regional Museum of Michoacán.


We will travel to Santa Clara del Cobre, where we will visit a local artist and learn about the importance of copper since pre-Hispanic times. Also we will visit the Museum of Copper.


Today, we will take the road to San Juan Parangaricutiro, where we will learn about the volcano and the church that was partially covered by its ashes. This experience will be fascinating. There will be plenty of time to take unique photos of this extraordinary place.


We will leave Morelia to go to México City, arriving at the airport by 1:30 p.m.


Cost per person (double occupancy*):$1,550
To reserve your spot:$775
Balance (due by Dec 10, 2020):$775
*If you'd like a private room, add:$350

The tour includes:

    • Transportation: México City Airport-Michoacán-México City Airport
    • Daily tours
    • Accommodations
    • A guide specialized in archaeology, ethnography and anthropology
    • Daily breakfast at the hotel
    • Entrance fees to all the attractions detailed in the tour description
    • Horse rides in two butterfly sanctuaries
    • Welcome and farewell dinners

It does not include:

    • Airfare to and from México City
    • Meals other than breakfasts and two dinners
    • Tips
    • Telephone calls, laundry, etc.

This trip was designed for only sixteen travelers.

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