Traveler Reviews 2015-16

Being an independent traveler, I never thought I would join a group to travel with. For some reason Marina’s small group and itinerary appealed to me and I took a chance. No regrets! Marina brings so much passion and knowledge and insight into her tours. She has done all of her homework and then some. Every day is packed with amazing sights, new information and sometimes, surprises! After just two trips with Marina I consider her a dear friend. That’s how she is. Warm hearted and lovely on top of everything else. I am looking forward to my next trip with Marina in January and many more in the future. – Julie Anderson

Wow! Wow! Wow! If you are interested in an experiential learning experience in Chiapas, this is the one. Marina has organized a well-paced intimate travel experience which focuses on the Mayan culture. Through the archaeological sites, the village festivals, the museum visits and the exploration times, participants have total immersion in learning and connectivity to the Mayan people, their history and their lives today. I strongly recommend this experience to anyone seeking to learn, to grow and to truly feel the culture of the place. – Suzanne Hastings-James

This trip with Marina was eye-opening and heart-opening. I loved the pace, which allowed time for reflection and absorption. Marina, you are a fine teacher and a great guide. We all loved being with you! – Jennifer Craig

This trip was far more wonderful and interesting that I had expected. Marina gave us a sense of the indigenous cultures from a deep level of understanding. I felt immerse in the culture and stimulated with all the senses – the sights and sounds and smells at the fiesta in San Juan Chamula, the beauty and spirituality of the ruins at Yaxchilán, and much more. Every day was a new experience and Marina was a wonderful guide and exceptional person. – Susan Cole

Marina brings Mayan culture and history to life. She gives you the all-important overview and context of every aspect of the Mayan Culture. She makes you think – or rather – see where the questions are. At the end you feel and understand and appreciate the Mayan Culture. – Dee Ann McIntyre

There is so much more to Mexico than the beach. Marina connects you to the living history of the rich and beautiful Mayans. – Susan from Boston

This trip – and probably any trip with Marina, was the experience of stepping back and forth through time across the bridge Marina provides between ancient culture, colonial history and contemporary Mexico. She is the perfect guide – brilliantly informed, intimately personal and absolutely present. Marina challenges the group to look deeper and see differently. A trip with Marina holds the possibility of changing the way you walk forward through the world. – Lucinda Young

If you think you know a lot about the Maya and their culture. think again. You will be introduced to many different ways of life, seeing centuries pass before your eyes. Be prepared for a completely immersed, personal look and invitation to learn so much and to have everlasting memories. What an honor and a privilege to have been part of this journey. – Shirley from Mérida, Yucatán

Wonderful, magical, exciting! A true adventure of the spirit and the senses. Marina is a natural teacher who brings disparate elements together, provides focus, context, guidance with humor and a contagious excitement. Now at the end of this great week I find myself overflowing with images –deeply, deeply moved by all that I was exposed to, all that I was able to breathe in. I will always be grateful for having had the opportunity to share such a marvelous experience. – Jan Oliver

Thank you, Marina, for this introduction to Chiapas. It is a world away from anything I have experienced in the Yucatan. From the lowland jungle of the Lacandon to the highland village of Tenejapa, you opened my eyes and my mind to the lives being lived by the inhabitants, many of them living as did their ancestors- in spite the growing intrusion of the modern world. – Lea Sherer

Thanks so much, Marina, for helping me get to know Mexico. The Chiapas tour was better than I had hoped. As a guide you are the ideal mix of calm, friendly, and knowledgeable. Your English is wonderful and you really know the history of the region as well as the people who live there now. Even though I don’t speak Spanish, I was able to connect with the local residents in a way that doesn’t usually happen on a group tour. The hotels where we stayed were excellent and always in a safe environment….There was so much to learn and experience. This was not a visit to the Mexico of tourists….As a guide you helped me observe things I probably would have missed and your enthusiasm about understanding life in the Chiapas was contagious. I got exceptional value for my money. I highly recommend travel with you and hope to come back next year with my fiancée and do the same trip or another one led by you. Thanks so much. – Ann Robinson

Marina, I don’t know how to properly thank you for another amazing adventure. It was perfect. I will go anywhere with you!! Mike was delighted and impressed as well. The way you tie things together as with the murals of Diego Rivera and the murals of Teotihuacan is wonderful. Thank you for the lovely surprise at Xochimilco. That was a wonderful day…Thank you so much for your amazing introduction to your beautiful city. Your knowledge, passion and incredible organizational skills always make your trips a joy! This one was so very special; we came away wanting to return, explore and experience the city further but also wanting to understand the art, the culture, the people and their amazing history. You continue to make Mexico a rich and exciting experience for us – thank you again! We will continue to participate, talk about and recommend your cultural journeys to all of our friends. – Sheila, Tim, Julie and Mike