My main purpose is to share with you my love and my passion for my country and to introduce you to historical places and mystical people that are part of the soul of this glorious country, such as the folk artists, the dancers, the traditional cooks and the healers.

They will bring to you the stories, encompassing thousands of years, that are behind their incredible paths and souls. – Marina Aguirre

Why Marina’s Journeys Are Unique

She loves to share her tremendous experience and insider’s perspective. Her passion for the beauty of México is contagious.

She has contacts with the local people in the communities on the tours, and you will be able to have unforgettable, intimate experiences with them.

She understands the complex process of Mexican history and she will describe it to you in a simple and interesting way. With her diverse background, she is able to provide a complete approach to understanding the beauty of México through its archaeology, anthropology and history.

Marina promises a unique experience. She loves the vibrant music of México, the exquisite cuisine, the beauty of the architecture and the magic of the indigenous people, and you will enjoy all of these with her. You won’t be only a traveler; Marina will become a special friend in your life.

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Upcoming Trips

What a fortune it is to travel, and what a joy it is to be able to share with all of you the best of México. This season seeks to exceed any expectations you have about your trip to México. You will have the best possible experience. You will discover new horizons and feel the beauty of México in every aspect, from its incredible architecture to its endearing history. Marina in México will organize your trip and you will enjoy it for a lifetime. Take a look at traveling with us, you will discover a colorful, wonderful, unique, and multifaceted México. Our goal is that the following year you want to return and continue creating unforgettable memories with your family and friends.
With love & gratitude,  Marina Aguirre, PhD.

*México’s Pueblos Mágicos program includes villages and towns that are rich in symbols and traditions, and have their own characteristics that make them unique and vibrant. Their gastronomy, history, music, historical monuments, and cultural riches invite visitors to discover their secrets and beauty at every step. Visiting a Pueblo Mágico is an excellent opportunity to discover the charm and color of México.

Veracruz – Archaeology, Gastronomy & Festivals!
Sept 25 – Oct 3, 2023

This trip was designed with the purpose to know Veracruz, from its outstanding archaeology to the living culture, adding some incredible gastronomic adventures and the flavors of the coffee and vanilla. There is only one place in México that holds three ancient cultures in one territory; this place is Veracruz. Also, we will have an incredible festival taking place in Coatepec, we will admire the colorful sand carpets, dances and traditional music, while we enjoy the charm of this magical village. Also, we will travel through the incredible architecture of Veracruz, visiting the Iron Palace in Orizaba and the first house of Hernán Cortés in Antigua. Centuries of history are waiting for us! Join this unique trip and you will enjoy every step of your journey.

Chihuahua and the Copper Canyon Chepe Train Adventure II
Oct 7-15, 2023

Traveling through Chihuahua is immersing yourself in a wonderful and unique world. The beautiful Copper Canyon is a constant source of inspiration. Living this journey with the Chepe train is a dream come true, because of the panoramic views, every minute the scenery changes and the most pleasant sensations invade our body and mind; be in paradise. Every day will have a perfect dose of outdoor activities and culture. We will meet the Raramurís and the Mayos, we will learn about their dances and also about their traditional medicine, but most importantly we will recognize the wonderful nature that surrounds the largest of our states: Chihuahua. This trip is simply unmissable!

México City II
Oct 19 – Oct 27, 2023

This is the most spectacular city that I have ever been to; it is a continuous discovery, not just experiencing the dialog between archaeology and contemporary art, but also learning about the muralism movement and the exquisite Folk Art. One day, a traveler told me, “Marina, this trip is like an intensive seminar of Art, Culture and Archaeology,” and yes, this is the perfect combination of fascinating elements to enjoy the colorful city of México City. You may say that you can travel on your own and take the time to discover every corner of this city, but I will offer to you the opportunity to see it through the eyes of locals, but with the expertise and enthusiasm that you have never imagined. This trip will fulfill all your senses and will inspire you for your next project! Join us.

Puebla and Oaxaca During the Day of the Dead
Oct 27 – Nov 4, 2023

Celebrating the Day of the Dead is more than just colorful. The way you will live this tradition will allow you to get closer to your loved ones who have already left and you will become infected with a way of understanding this process from the Zapotec and Mixtec culture. You will meet families who will share the meaning of each element with you and make them yours. At the end of the trip you will not only have made new friends, but you will also have adopted a tradition full of symbolism. Every day you will wake up full of energy and happy to discover how in Puebla and Oaxaca there is a moment of love, empathy and honor for our loved ones. If there is a special moment to experience México, this is it. Join our trip, it will be a memorable experience!

Nov 5 – Nov 13, 2023

This trip is organized to fall in love with the most beautiful expressions of Folk Art, and what better than doing it in one of the most versatile and exciting places in México: Guadalajara and its surroundings. We will visit magical towns full of pottery traditions, basketry, and the influence of the indigenous people, like the warrarika. In addition this trip coincides with the most important fair of Folk Art in our country. We will also admire the murals of the genius of José Clemente Orozco and we will also enjoy tequila tastings and the wonderful site of Guachimontones. Each day will be unique and special, you will love living this experience with Marina in México. Your appreciation of history and culture will allow you to value each region of México. Join us and witness this unique journey. You will love it!

Puebla and the Original Festival in México City
Nov 13 – Nov 21, 2023

The city of Puebla and its flavors is an obligatory stop to fall in love with México. This trip has architecture, archeology, the best gastronomic experiences, and also the most important textile event in México: Original. I like to call it the Textile Art Olympics where you will meet more than 1,000 weavers, and participate in workshops, tastings, and much more. If you are a lover of design and of México, you have to be here.

The Monarchs of Michoacán
Feb 28 – Mar 7, 2024

Morelia and its different regions have it all, from its impressive colonial architecture and archaeology to the beautiful and fragile butterflies. We will visit Michoacán during the best time of the year. You will not only enjoy excellent food, but also the best experiences available with both traditional cooks and the best chefs in Morelia. There is only one option; this trip was created for you. We will wait for you!

Oaxaca and its Colorful Markets
Mar 7 – Mar 15, 2024

Oaxaca is an unmissable destination. If you’ve been there before, you know what I mean. However, this journey will take you to unique corners and spaces. You will explore the best markets and enjoy the best cultural and culinary experiences. Every day will be magical, special, and unforgettable. There is no better route than discovering the unexpected in the place that everyone talks about, but few know as Marina in México. Come and be amazed at this destination!

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