My main purpose is to share with you my love and my passion for my country and to introduce you to historical places and mystical people that are part of the soul of this glorious country, such as the folk artists, the dancers, the traditional cooks and the healers.

They will bring to you the stories, encompassing thousands of years, that are behind their incredible paths and souls. – Marina Aguirre

Why Marina’s Journeys Are Unique

She loves to share her tremendous experience and insider’s perspective. Her passion for the beauty of México is contagious.

She has contacts with the local people in the communities on the tours, and you will be able to have unforgettable, intimate experiences with them.

She understands the complex process of Mexican history and she will describe it to you in a simple and interesting way. With her diverse background, she is able to provide a complete approach to understanding the beauty of México through its archaeology, anthropology and history.

Marina promises a unique experience. She loves the vibrant music of México, the exquisite cuisine, the beauty of the architecture and the magic of the indigenous people, and you will enjoy all of these with her. You won’t be only a traveler; Marina will become a special friend in your life.

To learn more about Marina, read her Bio. To learn more about the tour experience, read her recent Traveler Reviews and An Experienced Traveler’s Letter of Advice for New Travelers with Marina.


2021-22 Tours

Welcome dear traveler, to this new Travel Season with Marina in México. We have prepared the best cultural trips for you and your group of friends. We are continuing our traditional destinations to Chiapas, Oaxaca, Michoacán, Real de Catorce, and México City, and we are adding two new trips to our list: the Copper Canyon experience and the Magical Villages* of Puebla and Veracruz.

Other changes this season are: we decided to reduce our group size and to include all the lunches in the price, with a gastronomical approach always trying to share the best restaurants in each destination, and now including personal experiences with chefs and traditional cooks.

As you can see, we are renovating our routes, bringing alive the beauty of México, expressed through its welcoming people, colorful traditions, amazing archaeology, exquisite cuisine, remarkable landscapes, and majestic architecture. Please join us and be part of this fantastic season. And remember, once a year, to go someplace you’ve never been before.

*México’s Pueblos Mágicos program includes villages and towns that are rich in symbols and traditions, and have their own characteristics that make them unique and vibrant. Their gastronomy, history, music, historical monuments, and cultural riches invite visitors to discover their secrets and beauty at every step. Visiting a Pueblo Mágico is an excellent opportunity to discover the charm and color of México.

Real de Catorce and San Luis Potosí
Sept 22-30, 2021

On this special journey, you will be part of ceremonies known as “mitotes,” sharing in the ecstatic experience produced by music, dancing and peyote consumption. You will “come alive” with rituals, songs and prayers, music and dances. You will visit the colonial city, San Luis Potosí, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and five Pueblos Mágicos.

México City
October 14-22, 2021

Anniversary Trip
100 Years since the Discovery of the Malinaltepec Mask

México is a fascinating city. This trip highlights its different aspects, every day  especially designed in order to experience the beauty of its architecture, art, archaeology, muralism, culture and colors. In the Historic Center we will be able to learn about three millennia of history. In only one place there will be layers of history and you will discover with me the paths of past and present cultures that have shared the same space, but at different times.

Puebla and Oaxaca During the Day of the Dead
Oct 27-Nov 4, 2021

This trip is sold out for this season. If you are interested in this tour, please Contact Us and tell us that you would like to reserve a place for next season.

The Day of the Dead is a very special celebration all around México and Oaxaca is no exception. On this tour, you will have the opportunity to see, smell, hear and enjoy one of the most important festivities in the area. You will visit indigenous communities, markets, plazas and parks with incomparable beauty.

Chiapas and its Magic
Jan 16-24, 2022

This is my signature trip. Every step of this trip will help you to be immersed in the Maya culture. We will first approach the Mayas through archaeology, and then you will have the opportunity to share with the family Chan Kin the living culture at the Lacandon Jungle. Finally, you will be invited to join the colorful festivals in several villages in the Highlands of Chiapas. You will be close to the popular religiosity of the Maya culture and have the sensation of a time tunnel experience.

Chihuahua and the Copper Canyon Chepe Train Adventure
Feb 12-20, 2022

The Copper Canyon is actually a series of six canyons, a whopping four times larger than the Grand Canyon, and it is described as “one of the most extreme landscapes in the world.” The incredible engineering consists of 37 bridges and 86 tunnels. Join our trip and you will have breathtaking moments and also meet the fastest long-distance runners in the world, the Rarámuris. Plus, we will celebrate the most romantic February 14th ever, at the most outstanding view of the canyon.

The Monarchs in Michoacán
Feb 22 – Mar 2, 2022

This is a trip designed for those who love nature and appreciate the beauty of a monstrous volcano as well as a little butterfly, while being immersed in the Purépecha culture and enjoying visits to four Pueblos Mágicos.

Magical Villages of Puebla & Veracruz
Mar 11-19, 2022

Imagine that you think that you’ve seen everything in México. Well, be prepared because here is the best combination of charming villages with the exquisite flavor of vanilla, chocolate, and apples while you are walking into the past and the present on the same street. This trip will take you from the most colorful traditions in México to the evocative present that holds Puebla and Veracruz’s less known spots. Find yourself smiling and enjoying every single minute of this journey.

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