Custom Tours


Would you like to discover México at your own rhythm and to share your journey with your own family or group of friends? Marina can give you that experience, something unique, something unforgettable, something special. You can focus on textiles, folk art, archaeology, indigenous festivals, and much more. Marina will prepare something great for you.

As her schedule permits, Marina creates custom tours for individuals or groups who wish or require a more personalized experience.  It may be you have a certain destination in mind, or are interested in investigating more specific cultural, artistic or archaeological destinations. Or you may have only a few days, or certain dates, with friends or family to take a tour. If you aren’t sure exactly what you’d like, talk with Marina. She will work with you to build a great custom journey, based on your and your group’s needs and desires.

Contact Marina for more information and prices.

A Custom Tour Traveler Review

A custom tour with Marina Aguirre is the ultimate adventure. You have complete flexibility and the opportunity to choose a unique destination and input on the itinerary. My husband and I have previously been on four group trips with Marina, which were fantastic with great fellow travelers, but we were interested in more remote destinations without other travelers. Marina suggested a trip to the indigenous village of Santa Teresa in Nayarit for Holy Week festivities. It is difficult to get there and the logistics are complicated, but Marina put together all the details and in April 2019 we flew to Guadalajara and traveled on a dirt road to Santa Teresa. We had a private car and driver and we stayed at a simple ecolodge run by a charming couple who cooked for us. Once we arrived there, Marina made arrangements for us to photograph the ceremonies thanks to a small donation of cash, bananas, eggs and honey. Her contacts with the village authorities were essential in this situation. Over the five days we spent in Santa Teresa her outgoing and warm personality also helped us get to know many local people and gain insights into the events we witnessed.

Mexico is an amazing country and there are countless destinations if you are interested in culture and beautiful landscapes. If you want to get off the usual tourist routes and have a unique adventure, I would highly recommend a custom tour with Marina!

Ann Frej, April 2019

Examples of Custom Tours

    • Hispanic Cultural Center from Albuquerque, sponsored a trip to the Yucatán in 2017. They returned in 2019 to tour México City.
    • Los Amigos del Arte Popular Group, México City 2019.
    • Women’s textile trip, June 2019. Visiting cooperatives in Puebla, Hidalgo and Chiapas.
    • The Folk Art Museum of New Mexico sponsored two tours in the fall of 2017.
    • The Spanish Colonial Arts Society, Santa Fe, New Mexico, sponsored two Marina in Mexico tours in October 2016, the first to Yucatán and Chiapas and the second to Chiapas and Oaxaca, both with a focus on colonial arts.
    • Marina designed and guided a special journey for Debra Hershman of the Israel Museum and Naftali Hilger, an Israeli photojournalist, focusing on Mexico’s Day of the Dead Fiesta October-November 2016. They experienced the festivities in Yucatán, Chiapas, Oaxaca, Puebla and México City, and wrote an article, “Mexico: The Voices of Life and the Dead,” for the Israeli travel and leisure magazine, Masa Acher.