Puebla During the Day of the Dead

Oct 27 – Nov 4, 2024
Nine Days and Eight Nights

Puebla is a true piece of art. From its architecture to its exquisite cuisine, everything stands out in Puebla. This year, it will be our main destination during the Day of the Dead celebration. We will take you to enjoy the incredible altars of Huaquechula and the monumental flower arrangements in Atlixco, but we will also enjoy every day with the best of Puebla: a hidden gem that deserves our attention. In addition, we will stay at our favorite hotel in Marina in Mexico, Casareyna. Every day will be an oasis and a delight to the senses. You just have to live it.


Trip begins at: México City Benito Juarez International Airport on October 27, 2024 at 1:45 p.m.
Trip ends at: México City Benito Juarez International Airport on November 4, 2024 at 12:30 p.m.
No. of days: Nine days and eight nights
Areas of interest: Festivals, history, archaeology, folk art, cuisine, anthropology


    • Visiting small villages around Puebla to enjoy the fiesta
    • Being in the houses of the most remarkable folk artists and learning about their traditions
    • Enjoying with the local families their creations and perceptions about this fiesta
    • Visiting places off the traditional path, often on the market days
    • Sharing the cycle of life in a colorful way through parades and processions at the cemeteries in the small villages
    • Seeing the extravaganza of the fiesta in the main city, where the youth also participate in the celebration
    • Learning about the process of making amate-paper and the traditions behind this unique craft
    • Enjoying two fascinating archaeological sites: Cholula and Cacaxtla




We will pick you up from the International Airport in México City at 1:45 p.m. in order to travel to Puebla, where we will have our welcome dinner, tasting the delicious flavors of this traditional cuisine.


You will visit the most interesting historic places in Puebla, such as the Cathedral, the Palofoxian Library and the Amparo Museum. Every corner of the city will be the perfect spot to be close to the traditions of Puebla.


We will visit the extraordinary Baroque Museum designed by the architect Toyo Ito. Then we will visit two fabulous places: Tonantzintla and San Francisco Acatepec.


Today we will visit the archaeological site of Cholula. After this visit we will see one of the most important workshops of Talavera in Cholula where we will meet the artista Fernanda Gamboa. Then we will go to Izúcar de Matamoros in order to enjoy the beautiful marigolds and the extraordinary art of Alfonso Castillo Hernández.


Today we will visit the Folk Art Museum of Puebla where we will learn about how the Day of the Dead is celebrated in different villages. Then we will visit Huaquechula, one of the most interesting destinations in Puebla. Finally, we will visit two important cemeteries where we will be involved with the local traditions.


Atlixco is very well know because of its splendid flowers. Today we will travel to this fascinating destination to be amazed by this spectacular tradition, We will appreciate the monumental flower offerings while we are immersed in this epic celebration.


Today we will visit the most emblematic historical buildings of Puebla including the Chapel of the Rosary, which is considered the most beautiful Baroque jewel of Puebla. Also we will admire two other fantastic places: the Conservatory of Music and the Alfeñique House. After lunch you will have the opportunity to discover the colors and festive atmosphere of Puebla.


Today will be an extraordinary day. We will visit one of the most outstanding archaeological sites: Cacaxtla. Its murals are fabulous, and the story behind them as well. Also, we will visit the murals of the Government Palace of Tlaxcala. We will learn about the incredible vision of the artist: Desiderio Hernández Xochitiotzin. After lunch we will visit with a group of weavers. In Tlaxcala, textiles have a relevant place  whose essence is preserved as part of the cultural identity; they also have their own memory that is transmitted through generations, where artisans and craftspeople seek to enrich them with original designs. We will learn about the extraordinary designs and the textiles’ traditions as well.


Today we will take the road back to México City. We will be at the international airport by 11:30 a.m.


Cost per person (double occupancy only):$1,980
To reserve your spot:$990
Balance (due by July 1, 2024):$990
If you'd like a private room, add:$350

The tour includes:

Your trip includes:

    • Transportation: México City Airport-Puebla and return
    • Daily tours
    • A guide specialized in archaeology, ethnography and anthropology
    • Entrance fees to all the attractions detailed in the tour description
    • Accommodations
    • Daily breakfast at the hotel
    • Eight lunches, including seven culinary experience in Puebla. Every day, you will have the best gastronomical experience possible, tasting the most delicious flavors of Puebla

Not included:

    •  International Flights
    • Tips
    • Alcoholic drinks
    • Laundry and personal expenses

This trip was designed for only fourteen travelers.

Currency conversion of $1,980 USD as of today:
MXN: $36,659
CAD: $2,724
EURO: $1,843