Oaxaca and its Colorful Markets

March 7-15, 2024
Nine Days and Eight Nights

The goal of this trip is to enjoy the colors, flavors, and aroma of the local markets in Oaxaca and the deep beauty of the indigenous people and the diversity in the folk art and gastronomy. During these days in Oaxaca, we will enjoy every second to discover this outstanding city’s cultural and gastronomical diversity. We invite you to participate in this exquisite adventure and to be delighted by the Oaxaca markets and to be indulgent with your curiosity and sense of wonder.


Trip begins at: Oaxaca local airport, on March 7. We will arrange your transfer from the airport to your hotel.
Trip ends at: Oaxaca local airport, on March 15. At the time of your preference we will arrange your transfer from our hotel to the local airport.
No. of days: Nine days and eight nights
Areas of interest: Local markets, textiles, gastronomy, history, archaeology, folk art


    • Visiting six local markets in Oaxaca, discovering the best flavors and aromas in each location, being part of the daily life in the communities, and meeting local people
    • Exploring fascinating ingredients in the Oaxacan tradition and learning about its exquisite cuisine
    • Having culinary experiences in the best restaurants in the city
    • Meeting local artists and artisans learning about textiles, rugs, pottery, silver and leather
    • Recovering the past in two outstanding archaeological sites: Monte Albán & Mitla
    • Learning about the fantastical wood carvings known as alebrijes, and having a one-on-one experience with the precursor of this tradition in Arrazola, Oaxaca
    • Tasting the authentic flavors of Oaxaca in the local markets like the gorgeous chocolate, tasty bread, and exquisite cheese. If you are brave enough, you will try some exotic insects like grasshoppers and much more
    • Learning about Rodolfo Morales, Francisco Toledo, and Rufino Tamayo, three important artists who influenced Oaxaca with their contributions and art




We will organize your transfer from the airport to our hotel. The meeting point will be at the hotel. Then we will have a welcome dinner.


After breakfast, we will drive for an hour to get to Ocotlán de Morelos, one of my favorite villages. There we will learn about Rodolfo Morales and Guillermina Aguilar, and we will visit the traditional market, where you will be introduced to fantastic local people who will talk about the tlayudas and the blanditas, two of the main dishes in Oaxaca. Then we will have a wonderful lunch with exquisite local flavors while you are learning about the clay tradition in Ocotlán.


We will visit the two main markets in Oaxaca, City, and there you will be able to appreciate also some pieces of textiles, baskets, leather, pottery, and fantastic local ingredients. Then we will visit the Tamayo’s Museum and the Textiles Museum. You will be surprised about our spot to have lunch, and you will love it, not only because of its elegant atmosphere, but also because of its architecture and exquisite cuisine.


On Sunday, the perfect market to visit is Tlacolula, and you will be so enthusiastic about finding this spot, opening your heart to discover beauty everywhere. In the meantime, you can get lost with the effervescence of colors and flavors. I’m sure you will take fantastic photos, and you will try different flavors. We will have the energy to visit the baroque church behind the market, and we will learn about its unique purpose. Then we will go back to Oaxaca City to have lunch.


Today, we will enjoy Teotitlán del Valle, and the traditional market there is exceptional. We will meet my friend, Eugenia Mendoza, who will introduce you to the Zapotec language with some of the vendors. As soon as you learn some easy words to express in the local language, you will have the time to explore the market on your own. Then we will visit Eugenia’s house to learn about the traditions of Teotitlán and the dyeing process and woven rugs. After having an exquisite lunch, we will visit the archeological site of Mitla, and you will make the connections between the designs in Teotitlán and the motifs found in Mitla.


Atzompa is a beautiful village where the master potters have been creating fantastic pieces with glazed green clay, and we will visit the local market. We will then go to the great Monte Albán, the most important archaeological site in Oaxaca. In the meantime, we will meet a local potter artist and we will receive an extraordinary introduction to her art.


If you like the cheese and other flavors of Oaxaca, today is for you, the market in Etla. You will delight in the beautiful colors and the variety of fruits an vegetables you will find there. Then we will visit the Centro de Artes San Agustin, where Francisco Toledo created a wonderful cultural center. You will be amazed by its architecture and Toledo’s influence. We will also make a stop at the Paper Factory, one of the most important cultural projects in the area. We will return to Oaxaca City in time to experience another unique gastronomical adventure.


There is another charming market waiting for us, Zaachila, a living museum, and an extraordinary experience. Be alert to see wonderful things and try exotic fruits and vegetables. Then we will visit Arrazola, and we will meet with the Jiménez family, who are the best-known wood carvers of the colorful and whimsical alebrijes.


At the time of your preference, we will organize your transfer from the hotel to Oaxaca’s local airport.


Cost per person (double occupancy):$1,880
To reserve your spot:$940
Balance (due by Dec 10, 2023):$940
If you'd like a private room, add:$350

The tour includes:

    • Transfers from the local airport in Oaxaca to our hotel and vice-versa
    • Comfortable transportation
    • Daily tours
    • Entrance fees to all the attractions detailed in the tour description
    • A guide specialized in archaeology, ethnography, and anthropology
    • Accommodations
    • Daily breakfast at the hotel
    • Welcome dinner & eight lunches

It does not include:

    • Tips
    • Telephone calls, laundry, etc.

This trip was designed for only fourteen travelers.

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